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Vaporesso XROS 3

The Vaporesso XROS 3 Pod System, features a 1000mAh battery, Type-C charging port and is compatible with all previous 2mL XROS pods so you can customize your vape to hit just right. The XROS 3 is constructed from durable stainless steel making it resistant to damaging the delicate inner-workings. This vape will work with all of your favorite eJuices or nicotine salts. The new and coolest part of this vape is the addition of the AXON chipset from Vaporesso's higher end Starter Kits and Pod Systems making it capable of outputting in Pulse mode. This produces more stable and constant flavor, as the chipset within checks the coil multiple times per second to ensure constant power delivery.

Vaporesso XROS 3 Mini

The Vaporesso XROS 3 Mini Pod System is the newest addition to the wildly popular XROS series. This tiny vape packs a punch thats sure to last you all day. It features a 1000mAh battery, Type-C charging, new XROS 3 Pods, and is fully compatible with all previous XROS replacement pods. Constructed from durable stainless steel it is designed to be more durable than its predecessors and impervious to light and moderate drops.

XROS 3 Nano

The XROS 3 Nano is a slim, portable device from the XROS line by Vaporesso! It uses a 1000mAh battery and an Axon Chip to boost power and provide up to 48 hours on a single charge. The pods for this device are top filling and use leak- resistant technology to provide an easier experience. Along with the ergonomic design of the XROS 3 Nano, this device is perfect for vapers looking for something easy to use, powerful, and portable!


The XROS Pro is the ultimate refined pod system! Though it's a pod system, the XROS Pro uses Super Pulse Mode, once exclusive to the tank mod, to ensure consistent output despite battery levels! This device uses a partial screen to view current wattage, battery, and puffs, and uses a 3mL top- filling pod and powerful 1200mAh battery.

Luxe X Pro

The Luxe X Pro by Vaporesso brings style to the world of vaping and pod systems! Not only is this device sleek and solid, but includes an OLED screen for precise power adjustment, and dual activation - so you can choose between button activation, or a super responsive auto draw! The coils are pre- installed within the pods for this device, and use fluffy COREX cotton to last 50% longer and ensure even heating. With a 1500mAh battery, the Luxe X Pro is perfect for vapers who crave customization with a stylish look!

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Aegis Nano 2

Geekvape has brought updates to the ultra- compact powerhouse that is the Aegis Nano! The Aegis Nano 2 provides the same industry- leading durability and portability as the original, but with a larger 1100mAh battery. This device boasts a 30W max output, top- fill pods, and a 40 minute charging time. It's the perfect device for anyone who's on the go and prefers both strength and portability!

Geekvape Aegis Touch

The Geekvape Aegis T200 Touch Screen Starter Kit is a welcomed new member to the Aegis family! This vape features a temperature control suite, the 2021 Z Tank, and is powered by dual 18650 batteries. The Aegis Touch offers the same great durability as the rest of the Aegis family boasting a dust and water resistant durable zinc-alloy exterior. The Geekvape Aegis T200 Kit can deliver up to 200W of power and possesses an extensive temperature control suite to deliver carefully tailored vapor when used with nickel, titanium, and stainless steel wires.

Geekvape Aegis Oblesik 65

Discover the Geek Vape OBELISK 65W FC Pod Mod Kit, features a 2500mAh internal battery, temperature control mode, and can use reverse charging to share power. The Obelisk has a beautiful resin pour exterior to give it a sleek fashionable look. The pod holds up to 4.5mL and utilizes the B Series Coils making it compatible with eJuice or nicotine salts.

Sonder U

The Sonder U is a little vape with big power! It's compact, and easy to carry, yet holds a 1000mAh battery and a pod with 2mL capacity. This device is auto- draw and has no buttons- making it the perfect device for the vaper who wants a simple and easy to use device!

Sonder Q

The Sonder Q is an easy to use, accessible pod system by Geekvape. This device has a 20W max output and a 1000mAh battery that provides amazing endurance - with up to 2 days of use! The Sonder Q uses top- filling pods and auto- draw. As you vape, the logo breathes with three different lights to indicate battery life.

Boost Pro

The Geekvape B100- or Boost Pro- provides improved protection for those vaping on the go! It's water and dust resistant, with an improved, higher resistance to shock. The new compatible coils boast double the lifespan, and SMART mode will set you up for success by automatically selecting the best output for the best flavor, while protecting the coils so they can last as long as possible! Want to show off your clouds? Check out BOOST mode, which will select the maximum output for maximum vapor!

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Novo 2X

The SMOK Novo 2X continues the Novo Series with some new updates! With a top- filling design and easy airflow adjustment, the Novo 2X also boasts compatibility with other pods in the Novo Series. It houses a 800mAh battery with the capability to generate up to 20W of power. Draw activation makes it simple and easy to use, and its slim style makes it perfect for on the go!

Novo 5

The Novo 5 brings some of the best qualities of other vapes in the Novo Series together, as well as features not seen in other Novo devices! It features an adjustable air inlet ring, a 900mAh battery, and variable output of 5W- 30W! An informative OLED display makes it easy to see battery and wattage, making this the perfect device to customize your vaping experience!

Novo Master

The Novo Master by SMOK provides amazing taste, streamlined configurations, leakproof puffing, and a long endurance with a 1000mAh battery! With a max output of 30W, you can chase intense flavor with the Boost Mode, or stick with a milder flavor in Standard Mode. Choose between the button trigger or auto- draw, and take advantage of the airflow valve for more customization! This device is perfect for anyone who wants extra features within a slim, but powerful, design!

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Drop 2

The Drop 2 by Suorin has a unique shape and design- perfect for those who want something that is both different and reliable. It features LED indicators with a refillable pod. Each pod has a fixed coil, so there's no need to buy them separately.

Air Pro

The Suorin Air Pro has all the features of the Air, with a few upgrades. It boasts a sleeker design, with an auto draw and button draw mode. It's pods have a longer service life, and the new design for the pods airway takes away heat by speeding up the airflow.

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Uwell Caliburn G2K

The Uwell Caliburn KOKO Prime (G2K) Kit, offers a futuristic look that's sleek and sexy, but highly functional!
This new member to the caliburn family features a 690mAh battery, 15W max output, dual airflow system. Utilizing the Caliburn G pods and G Series coils for a restricted direct lung vaping experience as well as outstanding flavor and vapor from your favorite eJuice or nicotine salts.

Valyrian SE

The Uwell Valyrian SE pod starter kit features a 1250mAh battery with a 25W maximum wattage. It includes a large pod with 3mL capacity. It's aluminum alloy body makes it lightweight but durable, and this device features an easy, sliding top fill feature. With two coil options and adjustable airflow, this powerful pod system will work great with your favorite e- juice or salt nic!

Caliburn X

The Caliburn X makes vaping easy! The large 850mAh battery boasts a 5W- 20W output range for less charging and more customizability! This device is constructed from durable aluminum alloy for protection against light falls and drops, and the Caliburn X pods hold up to 3mL of e-juice. That means less filling, and more vaping!

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Smoking Vapor

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Mi-Pod Pro

The Mi-Pod Pro by Smoking Vapor is the upgraded version of the original Mi-pod utilizing new and improved mesh pods for longer life and better flavor. This compact pod base device is perfect for descreetion! Not to mention making a fashion statement!