Treat Yourself to a New Pipe

Take a look at the smoking glassware we sell in Fort Collins and Longmont, CO

Next time you sit down to smoke with a friend, why not show off a beautiful new piece that's handmade with quality glass? We sell American- made glassware in different colors, sizes, and styles. We love to support artists that create right here in Colorado, and all over the U.S. Not only are these pieces examples of beautiful craftsmanship by talented glass blowers, they also boast exceptional functionality!

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Cambria is an artist out of California known for twisting glass tubing into natural flowing sculptures.


Goliath is known for his use of many bright colors in pieces, defining features in his work are the various sculpted horns.


Niche glass is from Fort Collins, Colorado. He is a renowned marble maker, mainly working gold and silver fume.

Boro Barto

Boro Barro is local artist from Colorado that specializes in disk flip images to create a mosaic style section on your piece.


Chaka is an artist out of Portland, OR. He is known for his winter themed sculptures and functional art.


TreeHouse glass is a group of very talented glass blowers from Berthoud, Colorado. They focus on high performance scientific style pipes.

Treehouse X Scary Gary

These space ships were made in collaboration with Treehouse X Scary Gary. Both of their styles are expressed in these pieces giving them unique ascetic.

Liberty 503

Liberty 503 glass is a group of artists based out of Portland Oregon . They are renown for there "cold work", carving images into a finished piece. Notice their obsession with detail and provision.

Scary Gary

Scary Gary puts his own spin on sculpting solid horns giving them a natural ascetic that is very pleasing to the eyes.

Liberty 503 X American Helix

This piece brings together function and beauty, combining Liberty 503's cold work and American Helix's function.

Gear Head X Pouch

Gear Head and Pouch are two amazing artist that focus on character sculpting. "link Smurf" brings together both go their styles in a beautiful functional sculpture that will have the gammers on their feet.

St. George

From California and has been blowing glass since 2001. With a style like nothing else, these pieces are sure to blow you away.


Symbiartic is an artist out of Boulder, Colorado. He uses his knowledge from studying engineering to create high performance scientific glass.


A female glass artist currently blowing glass in Rhode Island. She is known for her opaque style pieces and art.


Glass blower out of Austin, Texas. These special pieces make you want to go for a swim!

Ashme Glass

Ashme has been blowing glass for 19 years. They are from is from Memphis & Nashville, TN. With a solid quality and unique designs, these pieces are sure to catch your eye!

Surf Rat

Surf Rat glass is an artist from Fort Collins, Colorado, he is know for his psychedelic images encased in glass. He has worked with artists allover the world including ROOR in Germany and some masters in Italy.


A female glass artist in Fort Collins, Colorado, she puts the 'fun' in functional with her wide variety of colors and adorable animal pipes!


Nikkoata has been making recyclers for over a decade! Based in Fort Collins, Colorado, his pieces almost always include a dichro accent, giving his glass a unique style and sparkle!

Pass One

Made in Fort Collins, Colorado, by Wyatt Passman, Pass One is inspired by "passing a joint", as well as being a play on his name! Check out his sleek designs and various percolators we have in store!

High Bastard Boro

High Bastard Boro produces their pieces in Oregon. They use insanely thick borosilicate glass with 24K gold! Their pieces are both durable and beautiful!