Dime Bags

Fashionable, functional, high quality and eco-friendly bags. Can be used to transport your piece or just as a fashion statement, you get to choose your style and function!


With an extensive inventory of all kinds of wraps, you're sure to find what you need! Some of the brands we carry are:

High Hemp, Swisher, Backwoods, Dutch, GoodTimes, ZigZag, King Palm, Raw, White Owl, Juicy Jay's, Element, Cyclones, Primal, and many more!

Scorch Torches

Scorch Butane Torches come with an adjustable gas flow control and flame lock function with a stay-on button. With so many different styles to choose from, you're sure to find one perfect for you!

Rolling Papers

With an extensive assortment of different brands and types of papers, you are surly going to find what you need!

Blazer Torches

Blazer torches are high quality torches for extended use. With the Big Buddy and Big Shot to choose from, you're sure to bring home a high quality torch.

Bong Cleaners

Up'n Smoke carries at least 4 different bong cleaners at a time, including 420, 710, Kryptonite, and Randy's Black Label, all for your glass cleaning needs.


We have quite the assortment of grinders for you! Ranging from high quality Santa Cruz grinders to low-priced simple grinders, you are sure to take home the one that's right for you!

Hemp Wick

I-Tal Hemp Wick is made of 100% natural, raw, HEMP twine saturated and cured in 100%, highly refined beeswax. I-Tal Hemp Wick contains no fillers, chemicals or impurities. It burns hot and clean, without butane flavors or toxic sulfur. Smoke cleaner today with I-Tal Hemp Wick.


Simply exhale your smoke through your easy-to-use Smoke Buddy and odorless air comes out the other end! Smoke where you want, when you want, without anyone knowing the wiser.

ISO & Q-tip jars

The headiest storage for your alcohol & Q-tips!!!