Lookah Bear

The Lookah Bear is one of the cutest cartridge batteries out there! It's made of soft silicone, fits comfortably in your hand, and it's pierced ear is perfect for attaching a lanyard! It's three preset voltages display through an LED on the bear's face, and despite it's small size, it's 500mAh battery capacity will last you all day long!

Lookah Snail

The Lookah Snail is much smaller than most cartridge batteries, and has 350mAh battery capacity. It includes three preset voltage settings and a preheat mode, which are displayed through an easy to see indicator light at the top of the device.

Randy's Inspo

The Randy's Inspo is a discreet and easy to use cartridge battery that has a unique feature: it doubles as a load- your- own concentrate device! This device is compact, portable, and looks like a normal disposable device. Pull out the bottom to find the included metal attachment, and unscrew it to add your favorite concentrate. You can unscrew the entire attachment to switch to a cartridge, making this device one of the most versatile batteries on the market!

Cartisan KeyBD Neo

The KeyBD Neo, made by Cartisan, has a sleek design and a powerful 650mAh battery. It's unique flip cartridge connection allows you to rotate your cartridge to the side of the device for added protection. It's OLED display allows you to select your voltage easily, with the ability to select a voltage between 2.6- 4.8V!

Cartisan Pillar

The Cartisan Pillar is a protective cartridge battery! Screw on one of the included magnet attachments to the bottom of your half gram or full gram cartridge, and drop it in to automatically connect it to the battery. This battery not only has 3 power levels, but a preheat function that heats the exterior of the cartridge to prevent caving and clogging.

Cartisan Click

Cartisan has done it again with another simple and discreet battery design! The Cartisan Click completely conceals your cartridge with a convenient flip top cover. This cover helps protect your mouthpiece from getting lodged with dirt or pocket lint! The Click works similarly to the Cartisan Pillar by utilizing a magnet attachment that screws on to the bottom of your cartridge to instantly connect to the battery!

CCELL Palm Pro

The CCELL Palm Pro is named after its design: slim and compact that gives you full control, comfortably in the palm of your hand. The Palm Pro is draw- activated, easy to use, and is equipped with 3 voltage settings, adjustable airflow, battery LED display, and a preheat mode!

Uni Pro Plus

The Yocan Uni Pro Plus has the capability to work with any size cartridge! Various height and width adjustment features, in addition to a voltage range of 1.8- 4.2V, it's easy to use any cartridge with this battery. It's made with a powerful 900mAh battery, and includes a screen display to easily cycle through voltage settings and view your battery life!

Yocan Kodo

The Yocan Kodo is a super compact cartridge battery that's easy to use with single- button functioning. It's equipped with a 10 second preheat mode, 3 preset voltage levels, and a hole for attaching a lanyard. Powered by a 400mAh battery, it charges in only 30 minutes, so you can spend less time charging and more time vaping!

Yocan Kodo Pro

Based on the original Kodo, the Kodo Pro includes some major upgrades! It still includes a 400mAh battery and 10 second preheat mode, but now includes an OLED display that allows you to cycle through voltage settings, instead of having three preset modes. This screen also displays battery life and has a unique puff counter!