Mini Nail

This is a fully customizable Enail kit. The controller box comes in10 color options and weighs a total of 5 ounces. You can choose from a variety of quartz, titanium, or quartz hybrid. Tool and carb cap combos come in several options as well. Slab pad and stokers are only some of the extras that are included. The Mini nail come with a 2-year warranty. No matter where you live this electronic nail can work for you in 120V or 240V options

Disorderly Conduction

Disorderly conduction bring the first light weight 3-D printed controller box to the Enail market. In the kit you will get a 6ft Removeable Black Power Cord, 25mm Cage Coil, Two Pack of coil Clips, 1 Quartz banger 14mm Male 90 Degree. The 3-D printed box is compatible with select D-Nail coils, EZ Bake, Shatterbox, and other 5 pin female XLR coils. This Enail has a 2-Year Warranty on internal parts. All Enails are proudly designed, engineered, and manufactured in Orange County, California, USA.
*Carb Cap not included

Arsenal Tool Enail

This D Nail electronic nail kit is more convenient and heats up in no time. The controller that has a max operating temperature of 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. A 5 pin heating cable has a 16mm coil that goes around a 6in1 titanium nail that delivers better flavor as well as vapor production. No need to be fumbling around anymore, the dab tool carb cap combo keeps it quick and simple to cover the dish and trap all the vapor. This kit comes with extras like the two silicone containers, a silicone dab mat, and a hard sided case for traveling.