The American Pipe Dream

Glass Blowing is a beautiful art form that has been around since 50 AD. Thought to be first done by Phoenicians on the Syro-Palestinian coast, the art has expanded to a global level. A modern renaissance is taking place in the glass industry known as the American pipe scene. Pipes have brought about an explosion of creativity and a diverse array of technique.

Pipes have allowed for a new wave of ideas that push the known boundaries of glass. Born out of passion and the idea to combine cannabis consumption and contemporary art, pipe makers have faced persecution for many years. Pipes first caught the eye of the higher art community in the late nineties and early two thousands. The government took notice of the emerging industry and passed a law to stop pipe making, this law was known as "Operation Pipe Dream". Operation Pipe Dreams forced pipe makers underground for several years. Through perseverance and hard work, pipe makers returned to the spotlight in 2008. Since then the pipe industry has taken over the glass art industry, introducing hundreds of new colors and techniques.

Pipes makes have finally penetrated the higher art community, appearing in famous art galleries and respected glass institutes. Artist like AKM, Sligor, Robert Michelson, Darby, Buck, Banjo, Eusheen, and Yoshinori Kondo are leading the charge to legitimize pipe makers. AKM's class at Corning Glass Museum was a huge land mark towards integrating glass pipes into higher art. The future of pipes is full of potential with unlimited possibilities. Everyone here at Up'n Smoke wants to let you be a part of this exiting revolution, do you want to be part of the future of art?