Curious about CBD Flower? Check out some of our best- sellers!

Wild Hemp Hempettes

Wild Hempettes are the first CBD cigarette, and are packed with American grown hemp for a delicious, non-addictive smoking experience


Pineapple Blaze

Green Cherry Organics

Based in Fort Collins, CO, Green Cherry Organics has helped set a new standard for hemp products! After developing the first ever USDA certified organic industrial hemp greenhouse, Green Cherry continues their amazing work through advocacy and by providing amazing hemp to us, for you!

Magnolia mist

A magnolia bloom hybrid that'll ease your stress and anxiety

Cherry Tres

Your cheesy hybrid

Cherry Uno

Your cherry hybrid it's uplifting qualities will leave one a happy relaxed sense

Unicorn OG

A sweet lavender sativa dominant

Strains will vary based on availability, Call us for our current selection.