Dime Bags

Fashionable, functional, high quality and eco-friendly bags. Can be used to transport your piece or just as a fashion statement, you get to choose your style and function!


We know that many people have a favorite brand of papers that they love to roll with, so we carry an extensive assortment so you can stay stocked on what you prefer! Some of the brands we carry:

High Hemp, Swisher, Backwoods, Dutch, GoodTimes, ZigZag, King Palm, Raw, White Owl, Juicy Jay's, Element, Cyclones, Primal, Raw, Juicy Jay's, Elements, Blazy Susan, ZigZag, and many more!

Scorch Torches

Scorch Butane Torches come with an adjustable gas flow control and flame lock function with a stay-on button. With so many different styles to choose from, you're sure to find one perfect for you!

Rolling Papers

With an extensive assortment of different brands and types of papers, you are surly going to find what you need!

Vector Torches

Why keep paying for torches that break? The Vector Torches are not only high quality and meant for extended use, but they also come with a no- proof lifetime warranty. If your torch breaks, Vector can hook you up with a brand new one, no receipt required!

Bong Cleaners

No one likes a dirty bong. Make cleaning fast and easy with efficient cleaners like Randy's Black Label and Kryptonite! Black Label is one of the fastest acting cleaners on the market, and Kryptonite is clay based, nonflammable, and reusable!


Grinders are essential for an easy and painless smoking experience. Whether you're looking for a medical- grade, lasercut grinder like the Santa Cruz Shredders, or something simple and temporary, we've got it!

Hemp Wick

Hemp wick makes it easy to smoke cleaner! Made with hemp twine and coated with beeswax, hemp wick burns at a slow and steady pace, with fewer carbon emission, and prevents the risk of inhaling harmful substances from your typical lighter, like flint dust!


Simply exhale your smoke through your easy-to-use Smoke Buddy and odorless air comes out the other end! Smoke where you want, when you want, without anyone knowing the wiser.

ISO & Q-tip jars

The headiest storage for your alcohol & Q-tips!!!


You only need a candle to blow that smoke odor away! We carry Smoke Odor Exterminators, Puff's (and their Pendy Melts), and Beamer Candles that not only smell amazing, but eliminate smoke odor in the air!


Need to add a little life to your home? Up'n Smoke carries tons of tapestry designs including 3D and Glow-In-The-Dark options!


Incense is one of the classic ways to prevent or mask smoke odor! Incense is made from plant materials, and slowly burns to release a strong scent that can produce feelings of relaxation! The best part? Incense goes out on its own once the aromatic material on the stick is finished burning!

Dab Mats

If you use concentrates, you need a dab mat! These mats are used as surface protectants to prevent your rig from falling or breaking, to keep your surroundings clean, and storage to rest your dab tools! Check out all of the different patterns and styles we have in store!

Str8 Cases

Want to travel with your favorite piece but don't want to worry about it breaking? Str8 Cases are sturdy and durable carrying cases equipped with layers of protective foam!


Need to replace your banger, or want to upgrade your rig? Check out the different sizes, styles, and price points we carry in store! From simple bangers, to terp slurper and blender sets, to high quality, 100% quartz Monark bangers, we have tons of options for you to choose from!

American Long Island Quartz Bangers

Long Island Quartz makes beautiful, high- quality bangers from 100% quartz. These bangers are made to order, elegant, and hand crafted in the US for an excellent, upgraded experience!

Ash Catchers

If you're tired of cleaning your piece all the time, you need an ash catcher. These handy glass extensions fill with a little water and sit where your bowl piece would normally go. Put your bowl in and let the ash catcher trap anything that falls through!

Replacement Glass

Did you break your bowl? Shatter your downstem? Lost your carb cap? We love bongs at Up 'N Smoke, but we know glass doesn't stand a chance after a long fall onto a hard surface! Check out what we've got in store, including:

  • Bowls
  • Downstems
  • Bangers
  • Carb caps
  • Terp pearls
  • Glass (and metal) screens
  • Nectar collector tips

We have beautiful glassware in every price range

You don't need to worry about straying over your budget. We offer a huge selection of custom-crafted smoking accessories. There's something for every budget. You can get local, American-made water pipes from over 50 different artisans. Treat yourself to glassware that's expensive and elaborate, or choose something plain and simple.